Is this the lowest cost way to buy window tinting for your home or office in brisbane

f you know what this is tape_measure_thumb and how to use it, you don’t need to wait for the sales rep and you can save 15% sales commission on window film.

How? Use Tinting Direct’s online job costing app .

  • Save 20% – just measure the height and width of each pane of glass and enter the measurements into the job costing app to get a quote emailed to you – the app will calculate the cost of film and of installation and give you the 15% sales commission as a discount. You can order the window film online and you can receive an additiona 5% discount when you choose to have residential window films professionally installed by Pre-cut Window Tinting in Brisbane.

Do you remember when you looked in the Yellow Pages to find someone to do work at your home. All the plumbers, electricians, brickies and window tinters that service your area nicely listed together. You could select two or three names from the list, give them a call, and arrange a time for Mr Jolly, the sales rep, to come and give you a “free” measure and quote.

  • Except everyone knew it wasn’t really free because Mr Jolly had to be paid. The sales commission was just hidden in the overall pricing structure of the service.
  • Also, Mr Jolly was not very reliable, frequently being late for appointments (or not turning up at all). Plus he was only available between 9 am and 5 pm, which were the hours when you were also at work and meant you had to take time off work to meet with a sales rep who may not turn up on time (or at all) just to get a quote for your job.

Then, along came the internet and you could buy plumbing and electrical supplies, bricks and window tinting film online without the help of Mr Jolly, and at the time of your choosing. The goods were the same – the Caroma cistern, the HPM light switch, Boral Bricks and the Smart Films – but without Mr Jolly adding his margin the prices were so much lower. But the low price didn’t help the average consumer because you had to be licensed to install plumbing and electrical equipment, laying bricks is really hard work, and even installing window film is not easy. You spent your money only to discover these are not DIY projects.

Recognizing that many people want the benefits of 24/7 online shopping, and a professional to do the actual work, Tinting Direct has revolutionized the window tinting industry in Australia:

  1. Tinting Direct imports the highest quality, energy rated window films from the USA and sells the film direct to the public – no only by-passing the margin added by Mr Jolly the sales rep, but also the retailer margin of his boss and also the distributor margin – to give people a much lower price.
  2. People can measure their own windows and use the Tinting Direct online job costing application to find out the cost to tint their windows. If they are happy with the price they can order the film online.
  3. Tinting Direct precuts the window tinting to 20mm oversize and ships the film direct to the customer ready for installation.
  4. Meanwhile, an approved film installer calls the customer to schedule the film installation.

When placing a film order with please nominate Precut Window Tinting for your window tinting in Brisbane.

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