Since 2001 Precut Window Tinting has been a major supplier to the trade of window tinting film for commercial, residential and automotive applications. Smaller tint shops and individual film installers would order their film requirements and we would precut the film to their customers’ window size for quicker and easier installation. It was a good business and saved our customers carrying larger stocks of film by supplying their film requirements “just in time”.

However, as a window tinting film supply business we found it increasingly difficult to compete with Tinting Direct on price or on quality against their high quality US made films. As a film wholesaler our margins were under increasing pressure from our trade customers who often found themselves competing against the online quotes their customers had done using the Tinting Direct online job costing system. Our trade customers began telling their customers that they could not match the Tinting Direct price for film – BUT, if they chose to buy the film online through Tinting Direct, then they would be happy to install the film.

As our trade sales continued to drop, we adopted an¬†“if you cannot beat ’em, join ’em”¬†attitude to survive. In mid 2014, we joined the Tinting Direct installer network to provide a high quality film installation service to their customers requiring window tinting in Brisbane.

When you place a film order with Tinting Direct, please choose Precut Window Tinting for home and office window tinting in Brisbane. We adhere to the to the International Standard for film installation so you can be sure to receive the best window tinting possible.